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My New Espresso Machine Proves That Coffee Is Better Than Tea

Sunday, October 6th, 2019

I had never stopped to think about this competition between tea and coffee because I grew up in an environment where coffee was that warm drink that will comfort you or will give you the energy to go through your day; while tea was that cheap drink that you’ll drink if you were sick. So I drink coffee on my strongest days, and I’ll have a cup of tea when feeling weak.

Coffee at home

And the truth is that I don’t really care if one is healthier than the other one (that might be just a myth) it’s the effect that coffee has on me. When I hang out with friends, I love ordering coffee because I just feel that it suits better in a social environment. Not to mention that, in my opinion, it goes better with sweet snacks, like cakes and cookies, but also with salty food like sandwiches.

I’ve been trying to trackback my preference for coffee. One of the strongest memories that I have when I was a kid, is of my parents drinking coffee, especially my dad, he couldn’t drink anything else that it wasn’t coffee. It might have been for this reason that I drink coffee since I was a kid. Of course, my mom would allow me to drink it only with milk and sugar. Now I just drink it black, and the strongest, the better.

I have to confess that when I was still a teenager, I would drink instant coffee, such a shame! But as I said, I started from the worst way to drink your coffee, to a decent one. When I was older, my mom and I decided to buy a coffee maker, which at least upgraded a little the way we drank coffee. One day my mom came with an Italian stovetop coffee maker. I still don’t know why it might have been a present. But that changed my life forever! The coffee we got with that thing was so rich in aroma and flavor. Thanks to that coffee maker we tried different types of coffee too. You know, not only that one that you can find in supermarkets, but also, artisanal coffee from Mexico.

coffee and book

Eventually, I moved out and I had to start all over again. I first bought a cheap coffee maker until it broke and my neighbor gave me an Italian stovetop coffee maker. Just like the one that my mom brought that day, except that this one was broken. I was happy with it, not only because I like the coffee that you can brew with it, but also because it reminded me of the times when my mom and I would drink a cup of coffee together. And since I already had a broken coffee maker and I was gonna need a new one anyway, I thought it was gonna be better to invest in something better. I think it was also mainly because I got too much into coffee. I decided to buy a coffee machine for home and after an extensive search, I went with the Nuova Simonelli Musica.

The machine is not only beautiful but convenient and really easy to use. It is the best coffee machine with a built-in grinder on the market. I chose the pour-over one because I don’t mind filling out the water tank every time I want a coffee because I don’t have to make many cups a day anyway. Except when I invite friends over, of course now the get-togethers take place at my apartment because I can offer to my friends good quality coffee, almost like in a café, except that nobody has to pay me over $2 for some coffee and lots of sugar. Instead, my friends come to my place with some snacks and we all have a good time.

I’m enjoying this coffee machine a lot! I can have it for myself in the mornings, I can share it with my guests and it has turned me into that host who can offer something different guests. But even with this lovely coffee machine, I still keep that Italian stovetop coffee maker that my neighbor gave me just out of nostalgia.