An Unhealthy Coffee Habit Can Be Made Healthy

At my new job, I work with a guy who drinks many cups of coffee every day. He’s one of those guys who keeps talking about how he wants to do stuff, but then never does it. For example, he’s a chain smoker and ever since I’ve known him, which is over a year now, he’s been talking about how he is quitting smoking. He has not quit smoking. He has not even managed to cut back for longer than a week at a time. He will never quit smoking. He is a pathetic man. What I’m getting at is: we don’t want to be pathetic like him.

Another example: he keeps talking about how he wants to lose weight. He’s one of those short, stocky, bald men who are extremely insecure. He doesn’t eat breakfast or lunch most days, in an attempt to lose weight. The problem is, as soon as he gets home from work he makes himself a gigantic pasta dish full of meat and then follows it up with all kinds of junk food.

He eats potato chips, he eats candy, he drinks the unhealthiest soft drinks you can imagine. And then, of course, he keeps wondering why he can’t lose weight, even though he doesn’t eat breakfast and lunch. At the same time, he watches me eat a ton of food several times a day. What he doesn’t seem to realize is: that’s all I eat. And most of my food is vegetables. If I have a snack, its fruits or nuts. They taste better than his junk food and they are better for me. And I’m skinny and he is fat.

Back to the coffee. This is another habit that makes him completely unhealthy. But he does not even realize this one. I keep telling it to him, but he doesn’t get it. It’s true, coffee can be healthy. He has even started supplementing his coffee habit with two or 3 cups of green tea every day, which he has seen me do. He even manages to not put any sugar in it, so this is actually a healthy addition to his lifestyle.

Longjing tea from China

The Longjing green tea my coworker has begun drinking

The problem is all the coffee. At work, he buys the instant stuff with cream and sugar in it. It is preprocessed so you can imagine just how much sugar is actually in that stuff. It is far from healthy. It is definitely not the coffee scientists have recently begun claiming is healthy.

On top of this unhealthy pre-processed coffee he drinks at work, he goes to Starbucks at least once every day. While there, he orders one of those gigantic coffees full of all kinds of syrups and other unhealthy substances. He drinks more calories with that one drink then I have for a whole meal. And then he wonders why skipping meals doesn’t work. Naturally he also frequents fast food outlets and pizza joints. But at least he realizes those are less than healthy.

coffee with milk and sugar

An unhealthy coffee with too much sugar

He simply doesn’t get that all the coffee he drinks is a large reason for his weight problem. He doesn’t get that putting sugar into coffee makes it unhealthy. And he is not alone. So many people don’t get this. So many people claim to be healthy, actually think they are healthy, but they consume so much sugar without even realizing it. Then they wonder why they can’t lose weight.

Drink coffee if you want to. It is not unhealthy. Just don’t put anything in it. If you’re putting all kinds of milk and sugar in your coffee, do you really like coffee? I don’t think so, so why drink it. If you like the taste of coffee, you shouldn’t have to put anything in it. At the very least just put milk in it. Leave out the sugar. If you’re drinking tea, this is doubly true. In this case, you don’t even want the milk. Put nothing in it. It tastes great naturally. And it’s good for you. You will be much healthier for it.

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